When you go to visit a healthcare provider you deserve to be heard.

Your concerns, fears and every part of your health should be open for discussion. Every part – your goals, dreams, restrictions, work life, family life and sex life. All the things that make you and all the things holding you back.

Sometimes an assessment takes an hour, sometimes we have to take a couple of sessions to get a full picture but it is of the utmost importance that we work together to find the solutions that not only get you on your path to health, but to living your best life.

My responsibility as your therapist to hold space, take the time, to listen and to learn from you about what is going on.

An assessment should not just focus on the area of pain but the whole person. You deserve for your physiotherapist or any treating practitioner to take the time to look at how you move.

I do not believe in treating “one thing at a time” because one pain can lead to another.  Pain in the neck can lead to pain in the pelvis (another blog, another time)

I care that you sprained ankle 10 years ago , or had an appendectomy when you were 4. That’s why my intake paper is not just a simple – “where is you pain?” . Its a little long and can be a pain but trust me every question I ask and you answer helps us maximise our opportunity to get you on the road to recovery,

I explain everything I do; the why the what , what I believe the problems are and how we are going to change things together. I even let you know if something unusual is going on because it is your body and your health we are talking about,

The only way to improve your health is to actually teach you about the body, about pain, about the central nervous system. Empowering you to lead your recovery.

Together we work out goals, the how and then we get to work

You are a puzzle and I want to put the pieces together. I want you to come in one day and say “I’m good, I can handle this”

My space is safe and you can be confident that I am here for you to help, advice and see progress.

My biggest achievement is seeing your health shine