Nicola Robertson wants to change the way we talk about and treat pelvic health care issues. With an intimate understanding of women’s and men’s health issues, Nicola brings her professionalism and curative advocacy to Diamond Physiotherapy

“I believe that an investment in women’s well-being has a lasting and profound effect on the overall health of our community.”

Nicola is a well-respected orthopedic, vestibular and pelvic floor physiotherapist. She is member of the International Pelvic Pain Society and International Continence Society. Nicola earned a BSc in Sports Science and Physiology (2002) and a BSc Hons Physiotherapy (2006) at the University of Glasgow. After an official move to Canada in 2008, Nicola joined a multidisciplinary health team in Nova Scotia, which initiated an extensive foundation of diverse health care practices.

With new efficiencies and evolving treatments, Diamond Physiotherapy is making important strides in treating women’s complete health care needs and ensuring patients can live pain free, active lives.

When not busy with her practice, Nicola assists with rehabilitation services as the Team Physiotherapist for the Trenton Golden Hawks (OJHL). She is also a Member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Orthopedics, Private Practice and Women’s Health Division.

Nicola lives in Belleville with her husband and two young children where she shares her love of being active.

Nicola continues to further her training with many post graduate courses designed with women’s and pelvic health in mind including; manual therapy, taping, exercise prescription, osteoporosis, acupuncture, vestibular therapy, pre-and post-natal physiotherapy, pelvic floor physiotherapy and pain management. These therapies and resources enhance the already diverse and practical rehabilitative tools currently utilized at Diamond Physiotherapy and help women feel connected to their bodies.

  • April 2007 – Mulligan Concept: NAGS, SNAGS and MVM
  • May 2007 – MACP “The Complete Approach to Neck Pain”
  • September 2007 – On the Ball – A course on the use of the stability ball in rehabilitation