Low back pain and the pelvic floor

Low back is seen as an epidemic with 90% of primary care visits being a result of this 8,9. It is currently the leading cause of disability. The prevalence of low back pain in adults is reported to be as high as 84% 6,8. As a result of the ongoing issues with low back...

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You Deserve A GREAT Assessment

When you go to visit a healthcare provider you deserve to be heard. Your concerns, fears and every part of your health should be open for discussion. Every part – your goals, dreams, restrictions, work life, family life and sex life. All the things that make you and...

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What is the big deal with the pelvic floor??

 When I embarked on my career as a physiotherapist I never envisaged becoming a pelvic floor physiotherapist in my future and did not consider it on a regular basis.  In 2011 I started to see a lot of patients with low back pain that simply were not getting better...

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Physiotherapy for the pelvic floor; why should I do it?

TO KEGEL OR NOT Pelvic floor physiotherapy seems to many to be a “new” thing and something we haven’t seen before. However in actual fact Dr. Arnold Kegel first described pelvic floor contractions that we now call “kegels” in 1948. We have come a long way since then...

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